Shout Out to These Guys!

We at Bayside Pavilion just wanted to give a shout out to this Plano Plumber for helping us save the day and venue for one special bride! Once in awhile, things don’t go exactly as planned and when that happens, you just hope for the best and hopefully there is a Angel in the mist.

Well we would like to thank Dan owner and founder of Plano Plumbers Elite, for offering his expertise, when it came to stopping what could have been a disaster of a lifetime…Not only for the Venue but for the Bride!

We were in the kitchen of the reception party with everything going well and everyone having a great time, when suddenly we heard a huge Spishhh! It was coming from the bathroom area and sure enough, it was the toilet! That darn thing was spewing out water everywhere! So us everybody was freaking out and wondering what to do, running around like chickens with there head cut off! When suddenly Dan jumped into action in which he ran out to his truck, only to come back with a bag full of tools.

We didn’t know who he was at first but we just could tell he was one of the Bride’s guest. Anyways, he was able to quickly get that thing under control and stop it from ruining the wedding with a huge mess of water in the reception area. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without him because nobody here had any clue how to stop that water from going everywhere! Lol So thanks again to this guest from Plano Tx and god bless you Dan!