Shout Out to These Guys!

We at Bayside Pavilion just wanted to give a shout out to this Plano Plumber for helping us save the day and venue for one special bride! Once in awhile, things don’t go exactly as planned and when that happens, you just hope for the best and hopefully there is a Angel in the mist.

Well we would like to thank Dan owner and founder of Plano Plumbers Elite, for offering his expertise, when it came to stopping what could have been a disaster of a lifetime…Not only for the Venue but for the Bride!

We were in the kitchen of the reception party with everything going well and everyone having a great time, when suddenly we heard a huge Spishhh! It was coming from the bathroom area and sure enough, it was the toilet! That darn thing was spewing out water everywhere! So us everybody was freaking out and wondering what to do, running around like chickens with there head cut off! When suddenly Dan jumped into action in which he ran out to his truck, only to come back with a bag full of tools.

We didn’t know who he was at first but we just could tell he was one of the Bride’s guest. Anyways, he was able to quickly get that thing under control and stop it from ruining the wedding with a huge mess of water in the reception area. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without him because nobody here had any clue how to stop that water from going everywhere! Lol So thanks again to this guest from Plano Tx and god bless you Dan!


All about the Venue…

Overall View

The wedding day is probably the most magical day of any person’s life. All the people, all the laughter, all the cake and all the gifts and blessings truly make it a day worth remembering. Not only that, what makes it even more special is the amount of effort that everyone involved puts in. Now if all of that takes place in a smart venue, the beauty of the spectacle increases even further.

My name is Susan and being someone who is in this business for quite some time now; I can tell you easily about how the most important part of any wedding is, without a doubt, the venue. I have seen numerous well-planned weddings not reach their full potential because of the limitations posed by the venue. Other than that, there are some other things that you will need to keep in mind as well.

  • The date of the wedding
  • The budget involved
  • The arrangements made
  • The catering offered
  • Total accommodation

Importance of a good venue

The importance of getting a smart venue for your wedding is something that I cannot stress on enough. The whole occasion depends on it and hence, it is right that you put double the effort in selecting the venue for your wedding. Here are some things regarding the venue that you should be aware of:

  • The location or the area in which the wedding venue is located in is something that you absolutely must know about. From experience, I can tell you that the usual attendance of your guests will always be around 75% in total. So consider that rule in mind when selecting the venue because a lot of people might not show up at all.
  • Let’s say that the venue is in an odd place and is pretty far away from more or less everyone’s home. Just make sure that there are at least some decent lodgings in the nearby area for the guests to use.
  • Another thing that counts a lot when setting up venues for weddings is the ambience of the entire place. Different people have different choices, and you will have to do your best in catering to all of them. For example I had one couple who wanted to bring their personal arborist to plant more trees at a venue so do whatever floats your boat!

If you are someone who is looking for a good and classy wedding venue in California, you can always visit Bayside Pavilion. It is a wonderful place with tons of weddings taking place on a regular basis.

Arranging a Great Wedding!

The fact that you are about to get married is probably one of the single greatest moments in your entire life, is it not? And when it comes to being part of something so memorable, is it not fitting that everything involved should be perfect as well? And the first thing that you would want to get fixed for your wedding is the venue for the wedding itself.

Being from California myself, I know how hard it can get to stumble upon the appropriate wedding venue that you are looking for. My name is Susan, and I work as a wedding venue owner. Having spent several years on the job, I can tell you exactly what it takes to get the job done neat and clean.


It is pretty obvious that something of such a large magnitude will take hours worth of planning beforehand. And this is the step that a lot of people tend to take lightly. I prefer not to make that mistake because of the nature of how it is. If you can do the planning phase correctly, you pretty much have completed half your tasks. And that is no joke, mind you. Unfortunately, that is something I had to learn the hard way. (No that it was not fun)

Helping out

Now, there is tons of wedding venue owners who think of their job to be complete the moment they successfully finish negotiating the deal regarding the venue itself. But I beg to differ. As the owner, it should be your job to make sure everything starting from the arrangements to the planning is something that is worked upon by both the owner and the family involved. This makes the entire arrangement much more effective and beautiful to look at.


It is also important to the owner of the wedding venue to communicate with the family involved, regarding everything that they need to make it a perfect occasion. All the needs and demands should be made clear from the get-go. And as for me, I always like to take the extra step of asking their extreme needs and demands no matter what. Such a step always ensures the best preparations.

See? When it comes to arranging wedding venues, these are some of the subtleties that you are going to have to show and be aware of. As a wedding venue owner, I cannot tell you the number of times these small and seemingly petty things have made the difference between an average wedding and a spectacular one.

Welcome Bayside Pavilion!

Hi everyone and welcome to Bayside Pavilion! I am so excited to take you into my love and fascination of putting on the best wedding events possible! I understand that Brides are definitely picky and well they should be. I have seen too many wedding venues take advantage of one of the most important days of your life!

I was a bride too once and I want all my brides to be very selective and get exactly what they want!